Sony Xperia Z6 Camera Specs Include 25 MP Rear and 7 MP Front-Facing Camera

Sony Xperia Z6 Camera Specs 25 MP Rear and 7 MP Front-Facing Camera

The Xperia Z6 introduced a much needed camera upgraded when comparing it to older models which some are saying is the best front and rear camera specs of any smartphone. This is where Sony Mobile has always had the upper edge when looking at the cameras of other smartphone manufacturers which is also something Sony looks to establish with both the front and rear Sony Xperia Z6 camera.

The Sony Xperia Z6 camera specs are something to get excited about as it doesn’t sound like the Japanese manufacturer is happy at all with the status quo. We’re hearing rumors on huge enhancements that include a 25 MP rear and 7 MP front-facing camera. We’re even hearing the Z6 Premium which will be the 5.6″ version may feature even more megapixels at 28. This comes along with the latest rumors on the Z6 Premium which include all high-end specs.

Sony Xperia Z6 Camera Specs 25 MP Rear and 7 MP Front-Facing Camera

It might not sound like much, but this will be a significant upgrade of the camera specs of the Z5 which featured a 23 MP rear and 5.1 MP front snapper. The couple of megapixels difference will equate to a lot more clarity, richer color patterns, and more immersive video recording, playback, and photos.

An enhanced version of auto laser-focus may give users .02 seconds which is unheard of with smartphone cameras. The f2.0 lens will likely return which will give users a noticeable difference when using either camera in low-light conditions.

It would be nice to see 3D rendering built into the camera specs of the Z6. 3D recording and picture quality is being rumored to be one of the biggest upcoming trends of high end smartphones and may be seen in the Z6. The verdict is still out if this rumor will hold-true or not, but if anyone can do it we have full confidence it may be Sony to beat the other players in the smartphone industry to the punch.

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