Sony Xperia Z6 in Three Variants including Compact and Premium Models

We’re hearing history will repeat itself with the launch of three different variants of the Sony Xpera Z6 including a smaller, standard, and larger, premium model. Sony has done a great job introducing variants of their newest flagship smartphones to appeal to a wide range of users including specs and different prices. The same is expected with the Z6 as it sounds like Sony will be bringing back the same three models, in different forms that we saw with the launch of the Z5.

The Sony Xperia Z6 Compact is expected to be the smaller model that will also be slightly less than the other two. It’s rumored to stick with the same 4.6” size we seen in the Z5 Compact, but will feature more speed, memory, and battery life. Many of the same specifications will be seen across all three variants including a Qualcomm 820 processor, 4GB RAM, and expandable memory.

Sony Xperia Z6 in Three Variants including Compact and Premium Models

The standard Xperia Z6 is rumored to be the 5.2” variant that will share similar specs as the other two. Both the Compact and standard Z6 are believed to launch globally starting in June of 2016 and all three are believed to feature both a fingerprint scanner and we’re hoping to see eye sensing technology. The new rumors on a retina eye scanner is creating quite a stir as Sony is looking to introduce something unique that we all know is coming at some point in time.

The Sony Xperia Z6 Premium will be just that, a premium model. Comparable in size to a Phablet such as the Galaxy Note 6 and iPhone 7 Plus which will both launch later in the year which is believed to be sized at 5.6 inches. It’s unknown if the Z6 Premium will be the only one of the three variants to feature a retina eye scanner as some analysts are speculating.

The launch of the Z6 Premium may come soon after the launch of the previous two as we’re hearing rumors of an August 2016 release date. This is pretty consistent with launches of the premium model in previous years including the Z5 Premium. The price rumors of all are expected to be separated by about $50-$100 between each variant.

Sony Xperia Z6 Specs Include Qualcomm 820 SoC, 4GB RAM, and Dual Micro SD Card Slots

Even though the Xperia Z5 was just made official, a string of rumors on what Sony Mobile has in store for us next is already coming in. The specs and features of the Z5 have helped make Sony a contender in one of the most competitive markets, and the Sony Xperia Z6 specs look even more impressive. From what we’re already hearing consumers are getting exactly what they want with the next release in the famed Xperia Z series which is great news for what was looking to be the demise of the once prominent Sony Mobile.

Early rumors on the Xperia Z5 specs suggest their holding nothing back as we’re hearing about the best processor on the market, more RAM, and plenty of memory. This picks up right where the specs of the Z5 left off as Sony beefed up virtually every aspect of the phone.

Sony Xperia Z6 Specs Include Qualcomm 820 SoC, 4GB RAM, and Dual Micro SD Card Slots

We’re already hearing Sony’s intending on featuring all three variants of the Z5 with the Qualcomm 820 SoC which is set to debut here in a couple of months. The new Qualcomm chipset should be ready for mass production in smartphones by March of next year which will be just in time for the much anticipated Q2 2016 global release date.

It’s also certain that we’ll be seeing more RAM across the Sony Xperia Z6 Compact, standard Z6, and Z6 Premium upping the onboard memory from 3GB to 4. This may not sound like much in standard terms, but the upgrade in RAM will mean a much faster user experience, better multimedia tasking, and a more efficient running smartphone.

Dual micro SD card slots will be no surprise as the Z5 also featured dual expandable memory. This will give consumers plenty of memory for pictures, mp3’s, data, apps, and whatever else you plan on saving right to your handset. Expect to see two memory variants including 32GB and 64GB of internal memory.

We’ll continue to update you on all the rumors and confirmations on the Sony Xperia Z6 specs as soon as we get more.

Sony Xperia Z6 Release Date Rumors Q2 2016 and will Launch in Markets Globally

The Sony Xperia Z series has become one of the most anticipated smartphones each and every year, and what looks to be the launch of the Sony Xperia Z6 will be the best one yet. The many release date rumors has consumers already taking notice as the continued trend of introducing the next best thing has people already taking notice on the global launch in 2016.

According to the latest Sony Xperia Z6 release date rumors, it’s looking like a Q2 2016 launch. With some speculation suggesting the Z6 will only be featured in limited markets throughout Asia, we’ve been hearing this will be far from the truth. It’s shaping up to be a global launch that will introduce not one, but three variants of the Z6.

Sony Xperia Z6 Release Date Rumors Q2 2016 and will Launch in Markets Globally

The Sony Xperia Z6 will be introduced in three distinct sizes much like the Z5. The Compact will be a slightly smaller version while a standard and Premium version will also be available. Both the Z6 Compact and standard version is said to be launched globally starting in Japan before making its way to other markets including the US, Canada, and throughout Europe.

The Sony Xperia Z6 Premium will be the larger version which is believed to feature a 5.6” 4K display. The Xperia Z5 is the current model and is the first 4K smartphone introduced into the market and features the best camera specs yet to be seen.

The price of the three versions of the Z6 will be separated by about $50 each with the Compact rumored to be starting around $650. This will appeal to consumers looking for high end specs including Qualcomm’s 820 SoC which will become the high end chipset seen in many 2016 smartphones. All versions of the Z6 is believed to feature the must faster and more efficient 820 processor that will be free from any overheating issues seen in Qualcomm’s 810 processor.

We’ll keep you updated on all the Sony Xperia Z6 release date rumors including the official announcement which could come as early as June of 2016. For now, you can check out the full-length preview giving you all there is to know.