Xperia Z6: What Does Dust Proof Mean?

The Xperia Z6 has an IP68 certification against water and dust, but what does this certification actually mean? The waterproof part is a little easier to understand, but what does dust proof mean exactly? In this article we take a look at what it means for a smartphone like the Sony Xperia Z6 to be dust proof or dust resistant.

Xperia Z6: What Does Dust Proof Mean?

Sony Xperia Z6 IP68 Certification: Dust Proof, Dust Resistant and Dust Protection

The terms dust proof, dust resistant or dust protection are all mainly used to describe the same thing. When a device has an IP65, IP66, IP67 or IP68 certification, this means that it has a level of dust protection or dust resistance.

IP stands for Ingress Protection and the two numbers used in its certification are used to help explain the different levels of protection offered. The first digit in the IP certification number is used to gauge intrusion protection. an IP5 rating for example offers protection against dust that may harm equipment. An IP6 rating on the other hand is completely dust tight. What this means is that the 6 in the IP68 certification for the Sony Xperia Z6 suggests that the device is completely dust proof.

What does dust proof mean though? It essentially means that no dust will ever get into the interior of the Sony Xperia Z6 – however, some dust may get in small areas where small particles could gather, such as the seams between the smartphone bezel and the frame of the smartphone.

Dirt, Marks and Smudges

Whilst the Sony Xperia Z6 is dust tight, it can still get dust in areas such as the USB port, the headphone jack and small crevices all across the device. Marks made from dropping the smartphone or hitting it against hard objects is still a possibility as well. Finally, there is no protection against smudges, so marks will appear on the screen if you do not use a screen protector on the Sony Xperia Z6.

Sony Xperia Z6 Waterproof Test

In this article we talk about our hopes for the Sony Xperia Z6 waterproof test. As it currently stands, nobody has managed to show off the waterproof capabilities of the Sony Xperia Z6, but we do know that the smartphone will come with an IP68 certification, which has a large level of protection against water.

Sony Xperia Z6 Waterproof Test

Sony Xperia Z6 Waterproof Test Results

Once the Sony Xperia Z6 is released, there are bound to be plenty of videos showcasing the waterproof capabilities of the Xperia Z6 in action. The 8 in the IP68 certification number suggests that the Sony Xperia Z6 is protected against prolonged effects of immersion under pressure.

What this means is that the Sony Xperia Z6 should be able to be safely submerged into water for a certain period of time. As the smartphone is left under water, pressure will continue to build, and the deeper the smartphone goes down, there more pressure there will be. The Z6 can only take a certain amount of pressure before becoming at risk of water damage, but Sony suggests that their IP68 certified smartphones can withstand up to 1.5 meter depths for 30 minutes.

Sony’s in-house Waterproof Testing

Before Sony can release a smartphone with an IP68 certification, they must first do a lot of tests themselves. The Sony Xperia Z6 will undergo a number of in-house waterproof tests before it is released. The Xperia Z6 waterproof test will be used to ensure that Sony has correctly built a device that can withstand the amount of water and dust that has been stated on the IP68 certification.

When the Xperia Z6 Isn’t Waterproof

In the past Sony has supported the use of their smartphones underwater. In fact, they went so far as to introduce special underwater camera features. Unfortunately, changes have been made to Sony’s policy that state that owners of an Xperia smartphone should not intentionally submerge their device as there is risk of damage, and when this happens Sony will not be held responsible.

Dipping your Sony Xperia Z6 into water will be mostly safe, but Sony has created this new policy to cover their backs in the instances where water does cause damage.

Sony Xperia Z6 Premium 4K Display: Pros and Cons

The 4K display of the Sony Xperia Z6 Premium  boasts incredible lifelike resolution and amazing visuals for high definition media. It all sounds great on paper, but what are the real pros and cons of such a high resolution display on a smartphone?

Let’s talk about the different aspects that make a 4K display on a smartphone tick.

Sony Xperia Z6 Premium 4K Display: Pros and Cons

Sony Xperia Z6 Premium 4K Display – Pros

Before we get into the negative aspects of the Sony Xperia Z6 Premium 4K display, let’s focus on the plus sides. Firstly, with a 4K display, whenever you view 4K content, it certainly will look incredibly high resolution. Any content that is under 4K will still look as high quality as it possibly can. For example, 1080P HD content will look HD on a 4K display.

Another pro to the 4K display on the Xperia Z6 Premium is that Sony has a software feature in place that ensures that the device only displays the full 4k image when there is 4K videos or movies being played. Whilst browsing the interface, playing games or using the Sony Xperia Z6 Premium for any other tasks, the display will act as a standard 1080P display – this will reduce the amount of power being used on the display and increase battery life.

Sony Xperia Z6 Premium 4K Display – Cons

So what are the cons of a 4K display on a smartphone? Well, firstly, it is expensive – you will be paying more for such a high resolution display because it’s still fairly new technology that has very little demand. The other con is the fact that finding 4K content can be difficult. Give it a few years and 4K may become the standard, just like 1080p HD is currently. As it is right now though, there is very little content available in 4K. Most Hollywood movies aren’t even available in 4K.

Having a 4K display on a smartphone may be more useful in 5 years, but right now it’s limited by the lack of 4K digital content.

Official Sony Xperia Z6 Accessories – Window Case, Headphones, and Chargers

There will be a number of official Sony Xperia Z6 accessories available for your smartphone. Sony actually has a large range of different mobile accessories designed for all of their Xperia smartphones, but there may be exclusive accessories released just for the Z6 as well. In this article we’ll be mentioning a few accessories that you can pick up from Sony.

Official Sony Xperia Z6 Accessories - Window Case, Headphones, and Chargers

Style Cover Window Case

One of the neatest official Sony Xperia Z6 accessories is the Style Cover Window Case – this is a case for your Xperia Z6 that comes with a small cover that folds over your display. The cover has a window in the center of it that you can view the display from. With this case you’re given the opportunity to see notifications without opening the cover of the case every time. There are a number of other cases in the works for the Sony Xperia Z6 as well, including cases that can be converted into flip stands.


Sony already has quite a big footprint in the audio world, so there are a large variety of great Sony headphones and earphones available for purchase. If you visit the official Sony Xperia Z6 accessories page, you’ll find a selection of different audio options. You’ll find Bluetooth headphones for calling, high quality in-ear headphones and noise cancelling over-the-ear headphones as well.

Charging Options

Sony also offers a wide range of different charging accessories for the Sony Xperia Z6. You can purchase charging stands, additional charging adapters to plug into the wall, or even wireless charging devices. When buying additional batteries or charging equipment, it is always best to purchase items straight from the manufacturer, so it’s great to see that Sony has such a large offering when it comes to charging accessories.

You’ll also find a number of different accessories on the Sony website that can be used with the Sony Xperia Z6, including programmable NFC tags and even attachable microphones.

Is the Xperia Z6 Uncomfortable to Hold?

Is the Xperia Z6 uncomfortable to hold? At a quick glance, the Z6 looks a bit blockier than standard smartphones, so it’s perfectly reasonable to be concerned about how comfortable it may be to hold. When compared to other smartphones, the Z6 may not have the most aesthetically pleasing design, but you’ll be happy to hear that it offers a great, comfortable experience for most owners.

Is the Xperia Z6 Uncomfortable to Hold?


Do the large bezels make the Xperia Z6 uncomfortable to hold? If you look at Sony’s smartphones, you’ll notice that they usually opt for slightly larger bezels above and below the display when compared to other smartphones. The Xperia Z6 has a much thinner bezel than previous Xperia smartphones though and when it comes to comfort, it’s really only the side bezels which matter. Fortunately the side bezels on the Xperia Z6 are super slim.

Blocky Design

The Xperia smartphones are renowned for their blocky design. It seems that no matter how hard Sony tries to slim down the Sony Xperia lineup, they’ll always seem more square than the competition. Strangely though, this doesn’t have as much of an impact on the comfort of the device as you’d expect.

Even stranger is that the Galaxy S6 Edge and the HTC One are comparatively less comfortable to hold than the Xperia Z6 – it’s something about the sharp edges on the HTC One lineup that digs into your hands, and the Galaxy S6 Edge’s curved display takes a bit of getting used to. The Sony Xperia Z6 on the other hand has much smoother, rounded corners, even if the overall design seems more blocky.


Admittedly, the display on the Sony Xperia Z6 Premium is a little bit too large for those with smaller than average hands. Unlike other large display smartphones, the Xperia Z6 Premium just seems a bit too big at times. The extra bezel size at the top and the bottom really add to it. With that being said, if you’re not a fan of the Premium, you could always go for the Compact or the standard variant. Luckily there is a fingerprint sensor on the center of the side of the Xperia Z6’s frame so you don’t have to reach too far to unlock it.