Sony XPeria Z6 Tablet – Price, Specs, Features, Release Date

Sony Xperia Z6 tablet

Sony is a well known name in the market of the world now and they don’t have to prove it in any way to be in market for long run. Sony then also is trying their best to give their customer the best they can. It is all because they respect the value of their customer and they don’t want that they should suffer by the wrong information given to them by any other company.

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Sony Xperia Z6 tablet is their new release for their customer so that along with the smart phone they can enjoy the use of tablet too. There are lot of feature which they have in tablet that don’t usually come in mobile phones. Sony gives us the facility by which we can have all that which we want at our convenience.

Sony has not revealed lot of features of this tablet but the things which are known is that they have lot of specs in them. It is made from the latest technology that is in market now days. The tablet when will arise the market will be full of surprise for all. Sony have not revealed it as they want to present this tablet as a total surprise to their customer and full fill their expectations.

Sony Xperia Z6 tablet

What are the things which people are expecting from this tablet-?

  1. Design- the design of this tablet should not be like that of the old ones. It should have metal or the glass back so that it gets a better look and people are attracted towards it. The design of the tablet is very sleek which is generally not available in any other tablet. This is likely to be the best thing which people are expecting from them and they will definitely try to make it. As far as Sony is concern they always live up to the expectations of their customers in all way.
  2. More storage- as the Xperia Z4 was not having slot of external memory card so the customers are expecting more from this product now. They want that there should be memory slot in Xperia Z5. There should be option of at least memory of 64 GB in it which was 32 GB in Z4. As in Z4 it was not having sufficient storage for the amount of data which customer desire to save in their tablet. Tablet is different from mobile and also serves at that point where mobile fails. So a person has more expectation from tablet than with mobile.
  1. Improved UI- it is the features which are present in tablet and take space while it is used by few. People are expecting that there will be improved UI in Xperia Z5 which was not there in Z4. It was the biggest complain at that time when the Xperia Z4 tablet was in its full flow. It is the feature which was functional but was worst and bland. So people this time expect that they will get unadulterated and pure version of android.
  2. Competitive price- the price at which the Sony last tablet was released was much higher as it could not compete its competitor in terms of feature. The tablets present in the same lane were having very large number of feature while no has few. So the Xperia Z5 should be launched at such price that could compete with their competitor. The features expected this time are lot more than earlier, so price set should be accordingly too.
  3. Big screen- the screens of the Xperia tablets are always big and need not to be worried in coming tablets too. The display is also perfect for Sony. But the place where it lacks is its brightness. Xperia Z4 was having issue in this regard only as the brightness was very less. It was so less that people were able to use the tablet indoor but as soon as they come in sunny atmosphere, they could not use it. All this was due to lack of brightness. People on release of Z5 are expecting that this problem should be given an attention. A person who comes next always has some improvements in it compared to the previous launch. This is what is expected from Xperia Z5 after Xperia Z4.
  4. Smaller bezels- it has been expected that this tablet which is going to come will be having smaller bezel which was again a problem in Xperia Z4 tablet. Sony won’t be repeating the same mistake again and so it would be like that they will make them smaller this time. People want that the Xperia Z5 should be having slim screen but with the same screen size and smaller footprint on it. Though it is all very difficult to do in one tablet but as far as Sony is concern they can do anything for their customers.
  5. Dust and water resistance- there are lot of good things also which were there in Xperia Z4 like dust and water resistance. So people want that same to continue in Xperia Z5. As this feature is the one which add to the durability of the tablet. This feature can easily be added also without doing any compromise in the design of the product. The dust and water are the feature which are required by customer a most so that they can use their product in little rough way. Now days there are everything that is used by children and who doesn’t take care of the things. So customer always go for the ones which have better option of protection and also less damage involved in it.
  6. A versatile keyboard- another great feature of Z4 which need little improvement before it can be used with Z6 is the keyboard. The Z4 was having detachable keyboard which was a great thing as people was comfortably enjoying the typing o separate keys and with long buttons. But the problem which was there with it was that it can be attached in one position only so a person cannot enjoy it dully like the tablet. They cannot use it in different angle and it looks weird if they do any kind of these actions. Also that these keyboards were also not waterproofed so a customer expect that these things should be improved in Xperia Z6. A better product than previous id always the demand of customer.
  7. Charging- the charging feature of Z4 was good as the battery once charge last long but the problem was there again at the same time and that was that the battery used to take lot of time to charge. People don’t have so much of time to spend the tablet on charging and hence the tablet doesn’t work for long. People are expecting that this time this problem would be solved. The tablet Z6 will be having facility by which it could be charged fast and will be long lasting than previous. Also in market there is a trend coming of wireless charging which people are expecting that will be there in Xperia Z6.
  8. Finger print scanner- again a privacy feature which is widely coming in market, people want that it should be there in the coming tablet of the Sony. They are expecting Sony to provide them with this feature as this would add to the security of the tablet. As all these things have more data to save to this should be present safe inside it without any problem.

So all these features are the one which is expected by the customer with the Sony and hopefully Sony knows them and is working on it to be present in their upcoming tablet. There are many things which is impossible to be added to the tablet as cost don’t allow it but we can say nothing as we don’t know the cost yet. May be they will make some kind of arrangement and make us available this phone at competitive price with the entire feature their customer expects.

There are certain such features which are the speciality of Sony and also always there are the tablets of Sony. These features are-

  1. Better video quality- the screen resolution present in the tablet of Sony is best and so they offer very good look at the video. There is a great picture of everything for the view to their customer. The Sony never compromise with that and they always try to add something to it so that it could be improved further. Even the videos which can be watched online gives option to the customer that on which pixel ration they want to view the video which is absent in normal Tablets.
  2. Sound- the Sony is recognised for the sound quality it provides by its Tablets and phones. People love this in their product and thus Sony because of this feature has captured the market to a great level. The music listens online or downloaded both give great sound. The videos and the movies watched over it have better view due to the marvellous sound we can hear.
  3. Processor- the processor of the Sony Company which they use it also great. People don’t find any problem with it and so because of this reason the Sony product working never hampers. Even if lot of apps are open at one time, its processor offer such feature by which all can be handled easily. There is no problem in it and a person can enjoy their work. Tablet can be used for both personal and professional purpose and hence have lots of thing present in it.
  4. Gaming- the gaming is another feature which is a speciality of the Sony product. Who in this era don’t want good games to support their mobile or tablets and Sony keep a great care of it? They offer in their product such feature by which lot of games can be supported. People just need to download the one which they want to play and can enjoy it without any difficulty. There are so many game option that people of different age can find the game for them and can enjoy it any time. There are many other came also which could be played online. Sony also support such game and give their customer a better option to play games with the one they want to play who are not with them at the moment. People can connect with their friends only and can enjoy the game.
  5. Reading- another important features liked by the many customer. The people who have habit of reading forget everything when they find any good thing to read. Sony tablets are best to help them with the proper reading condition by providing the feature where they can find books for them online and can thus read it from there. Thus by this way they also don’t have to go to places in search of book and they can get it easily here. At any point of time when they feel like reading they just have to operate the Tablet they have and don’t have to carry extra thing like book with them. Also reading through tablet is easy as they don’t have to bother about the lighting condition. Even when they are reading, person sitting next to them are not disturbed which is the condition which generally night readers have to face. It is a good option of all the readers.
  6. E- mail- for the professionals it is great thing as half of their work are managed through it only. People are regular touch with their client once they have excess to their mail. They don’t have to be in office all the time. The Sony Xperia Tablets help them in doing it. It has quick email facility by which they don’t have to wait for email to come and the email drops in mail box the second it is sent. It is a great and worthy feature of any tablet.
  7. Connection with social media- there are many social media platform which are supported by the Sony tablet and they try that their customer are always connected to the one they want. Thus it offers as many platforms it can by which they connect. The common platforms are there are all the tablets and mobiles but with Sony Xperia there are many other which can be used for professionals. People can have them and can do their work more properly. It is very important these days to remain connected as half of the work can be done through it. There is no requirement for going face to face. It is the best technologies which have arrived and Sony is taking proper care that their customer should get it in all possible ways.

Release date of Xperia Z6 Tablet-

There is no date specified for the release of this phone. It was said that may be IFA 2016 the date may be announced but there are no announcement yet. But the launch is expected soon and people should just wait a little.

Expected price of Sony Xperia Z6 Tablet-

There is no rumour or information regarding the price of the Xperia Z6 Tablet. It is being assumed that Xperia Z4 was of US $670 and was having fewer features than Xperia Z6 Tablet as it cost less. Xperia Z6 Tablet being so rich in feature will definitely have price more than it. But no matter what price will be competitive with the other Tablet offering dame features.

Winding up for Sony Xperia Z6 Tablet-

It is the Tablet which is going to come after Z4 in market and so there are lot of expectations from it. Sony Xperia Z4 was also a great product but has little problem in it. People have used it instead of those entire problems as it was great product and was having the feature which is generally not there in any other tablet. Sony has not announced any thing about their next Tablet but people have made list that they will be getting this through next product.

It is all because of their faith in the company and they know that Sony give them what they want every time. It is the company which work for the people and always increase their expectations through it. The price also which they keep for their product is such that every people can have them and can enjoy the features inside it without facing any problem. It is great thing for a company and Sony has always appreciated it by all means. They have always tried that their customers should be satisfied. Even it that notes they have many times bears loss also. But they have always given what their customers are expecting from the.

So let’s hope that same happens with Sony Xperia Z6 tablet whenever it will arrive. Lot o people are waiting it launch and pre orders are also ready. It is nothing new as all the products are Sony are waited in the same manner.